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From the Start menu, select All Programs Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel 7558. The Office interface for Smart View includes the Hyperion menu, the point of view (POV), and Smart View toolbars. The Hyperion menu is available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint., but the toolbars are available only in Excel.

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Now that you have successfully accessed your first data source, you are ready to start using Smart View as a query tool against an Essbase cube. Ad hoc grids are used to analyze data from a data source. An ad hoc query is a request to the database server to search its data for specific information or results. Ad hoc queries enable you to view data for specific dimensions from the data source without writing spreadsheet functions.

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C. Click the Select ( ) icon to select the children of Year (the four quarters) and click the Add ( ) icon. The Member Selection dialog box should look like this:

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Amir Netz: New features being released today:
EM6, embedded content starts at $675/month
SharePoint Online embedding
Teams… select a workspace & reports to embed into a Teams discussion
Visio Diagram visual control… shapes are mapped to fields in the model and can be conditionally colored.

Overview: This post discusses situations when you may *not* want to load Power Query data to the worksheet, but instead to the data model only. One reason relates to file size limits in Power BI for Office 865 the other reason is to simplifying & de-duplicate the fields displayed in the Pivot Table Field List.

8. Choose the Report Server option on the right side to select a server. You can see my development server in Figure 68-68.

The Time chart and Comparison time chart are similar to Time navigator but are not used for selection and filtering. Additionally, they support more time units including auto and decade levels, which are derived from a date or date/time type column in the dataset.

Mobile users should be able to select a date period (years, months, or days) or any range of date periods to see aggregated sales metrics.

A connection to your report server is added the first time you open Mobile Report Publisher from the Web Portal. You should see your report server and any other report servers you may have added in previous sessions.

A. In Report Designer, click the drop-down list for the Insert ( ) icon and select Function Grid. The grid is added to your slide.

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